International Grassland & Rangeland Congresses: IGC/IRC2021 / IGC2023 / IRC2025

The theme of the Joint International Grassland & Rangeland Congress (IGC/IRC) 2021, hosted by Kenya, was “Sustainable use of grassland and rangeland resources for improved livelihoods.” The Congress aimed to promote exchange of scientific and technical information on all aspects of grasslands and rangelands including grassland & rangeland ecology; forage production & utilisation; livestock production systems; wildlife & tourism; drought management; climate change in rangelands; pastoralism; social, gender & policy issues; and capacity building, extension & governance.

Ideas for an IYRP were discussed and further developed during the International Rangeland Congress (IRC) 2016 in Canada. The IYRP has its own webpage on the IGC/IRC 2021 website (see below). The main objectives of the IYRP-related activities during the Congress were to raise awareness about the IYRP, to gain greater support for it and to generate enthusiasm among researchers and practitioners to identify and fill the knowledge gaps about rangelands and pastoralists.

The IYRP was feature in several keynote and panel speeches in the Congress plenary. Two 90-minute Concurrent Sessions were be devoted to understanding the major issues concerning rangelands and pastoralists in different regions of the world and to generating further support for the IYRP. The IYRP also had its own Exhibit Booth,

In addition, numerous videos showing different "Perspectives on Pastoralism" were shown during the Congress, organised by CELEP (Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism) on behalf of the IYRP International Support Group.

The papers presented during the IYRP Concurrent Sessions and other IYRP-related papers presented during the Congress can be found below.

Some members of the IYRP coalition attended the IGC 2023 held in Kentucky, USA. A brief report can be found below. During its Business Meeting on 19 May 2023, the IGC passed a resolution to support the IYRP: "Resolution 6 – That the IGC fully support the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists initiative for 2026 including encouraging participation in the Regional Support Groups."

Preparations are now underway for the IRC 2025 to be held in Adelaide, Australia, with the theme "Working together for our global rangelands future" and for the IGC 2027 to be hosted in Leipzig, Germany, 100 years after the first IGC was held in Leipzig. The theme will be "100 years of grassland research – way to the future”.

The 3rd announcement (March 2024) of the IRC 2025 Organising Committee can be found below.