North American Rangelands Documentary Film Initiative


IYRP North America Documentary Film Proposal Learn more about the plan to develop a full-feature documentary film about North American rangelands and their importance ecologically, economically, and socially. The video concludes with a call for support. 3:05 minutes

History of the IYRP Initiative This video provides an overview of the successful eight-year effort to gain United Nations approval for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists scheduled now for 2026. 3:50 minutes.

Testimonial for the IYRP North America Documentary Film Funding Request by Brett Hess, Executive Director, Western Association of Western Agricultural Experiment Station Directors. 4:53 minutes.

Be a part of this singular opportunity, please contribute generously to the IYRP North America Documentary Film Initiative!

Individual and organizational donors will have their names included in the film credits – large donations will be noted at specific levels as noted below.
Please note that credit card donations incur a processing fee of 3.6%. You may increase your donation to cover this fee.
Donations made by check should be made out to WAAESD and IYRP noted in the memo line. Mail to 5890 Brittania Dr., Reno NV 89523.
For donations over $5,000 or to make alternative arrangements for payment, please call Jenn at 970-219-2219.  For more information about production plans, the Advisory Board, or film credits, please contact Barbara Hutchinson at (link sends e-mail); (520) 909-4722. THANK YOU!

Donations Information

FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: The filming process has four major steps: (1) pre-production - the director(s) and writer(s) explore the topic and create a compelling narrative that takes on big issues through a story that connects with individuals; gain input from an Advisory Group; determine best approach for gaining the broadest exposure (i.e. PBS, Netflix, other); conduct early shooting and prepare materials/trailer that can be used to raise additional funds for the film. This phase is largely conducted by the director(s) and writer(s).(2) production - the director(s), and sound recordist, and other team members rent equipment, spend time in the field, and capture everything needed for the film. Budget depending on the length of time, travel, team size, and other variables. At the end, the director(s) will work with an editor and writer(s) to create a rough cut together. (3) post-production - The director(s) and editor take the cut through several more passes until it is at “picture lock”. Companies are then hired for sound design and mixing, musical score, computer graphics, color/conforming and delivery of the final files. (4) A fourth step for an “impact campaign” will include a budget for a launch event, publicist, bookkeeping, curriculum materials, and a post-production supervisor.
FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN AND GOAL: An optimal level of funding for a feature-length documentary is estimated at $500,000. Fund-raising is ongoing from private sources including societies, agencies organizations, companies, and individuals.  We are particularly reaching out to those that already expressed support for the IYRP in formal letters of support. All contributors will be listed in the film credits, at the following levels:

Diamond - $50,000 and above
Platinum - $25,000 to $49,999
Gold - $10,000 to $24,999
Silver - $5,000 to $9,999
Bronze - $500 to $4,999
Pearl - $50 to $499

$500,000 Goal (Donations received as of May 2024)