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Tes River Mongolians

Nomadic herders on the banks of the Tes River in Mongolia see the river as God’s blessing for their source of livelihood. Filmmakers Namuulan Gankhuyag and Tseelei Enkh-Amgalan show the lifestyle of the herder families and their respect for their natural environment. They invite you to watch their full-length 1-hour film (without English subtitles) at

Next year might be the last
Ongoing work on nomadic migrations in Western Mongolia.
Thomas Cytrynowicz
A common right in Mongolia: the nomadic custodians

Hajekber Serikbol leads a pastoralist community that calls itself the “friendship community”, living in the western foothills of Mongolia. The community members regard themselves as custodians of the rangelands. This film is part of the Global Call to Action for legal recognition of land tenure by indigenous and local communities. Credit: Land Rights Now (2018)

Pastoralist youth at World Nomad Games 2018 in Kyrgyzstan

Ecological club of pastoralist children & youth who attended the World Nomad Games 2018 in Kyrgyzstan. Credit: Aykur Films / Rural Development Fund / Snow Leopard Conservancy.

A cashmere story (Mongolia 2012)

Challenges faced by herders in North Gobi region, Bayankhongor Province, Mongolia, caught between economic dependency on cashmere and impacts of climate change, seen through the eyes of three herders. Credit: Pearly Jacob / Humus Fonds pour la Biodiversité.

A cashmere future (Mongolia 2017)

The same herders in North Gobi (as in "A cashmere story") talk about how they have made cashmere production more sustainable, to ensure the future of their traditional livelihood and better protect their changing environment. Credit: Pearly Jacob / Sustainable Cashmere, AVSF Mongolia.