More West & Central Africa Rangeland Voice Videos

Diénaba Sidibé, Chair, Hamanante Women’s Association, Senegal

Diénaba Sidibé, Chair of the Hamanante Women’s Association in Senegal and Vice-President of the UCCD Civil Society Platform for West Africa, supports the Mongolian Government’s proposal for an IYRP.

Mahamat Nour Abdallah, Association of Nomadic Herders, Chad

Mahamat Nour Abdallah, Secretary General, Association of Nomadic Herders of Chad (Association des Éleveurs Nomades – AEN); Secretary General, National Confederation of Herders in Chad (Conféderation Nationale des Éleveurs du Tchad – CONFENET); and Network of Pastoralist Peoples of the Sahel (RPPS) member, expresses support for the proposed IYRP.

Ahmed Vall Boumouzouna, Chair of CONADES, Mauretania

Ahmed Vall Boumouzouna, Chair of the Réseau Conseil des ONGs Nationales d’Appui au Développement Durable Environnement Economique et Social (CONADES) and Chair of the UNCCD Civil Society Platform for the West Africa Sahelian G5 countries, expresses his support for an IYRP and explains the need to increase attention to pastoralists.